Hughes Easels

Changing the way artists work and play

The Concept

The Hughes Easels system didn't happen over night. It is the product of years of study, artist input and refinement which allows you the artist to work with larger pieces of art more comfortably and productively than with any other easel available on the market today.  

Fingertip control.

If you have been producing large art on a traditional wood or metal easel you know how much effort is involved to juggle a heavy canvas without ruining the work in progress. Imagine, being able to mount your canvas on the easel once and then move it up down and side to side with just the touch of a finger! Hughes Easels are internally counter balanced to handle a wide range of canvas weights. The unique patented system of internal counter balances, machined steel weights, high quality steel cables and pulleys make handling even the heaviest of pieces of art a breeze. 

The adjustable mast  in combination with the mobile carriage system is the heart of the Hughes Easel. By now you have probably come to realize that all of the Hughes Easels with the exception of the 3050 are much the same except for their physical size and the canvas capability. That’s the beauty of simplicity. Because of this elegant design, different carriage assemblies can be mixed and matched to a variety of bases and wall mounting brackets by removing two screws and sliding the carriage assembly from one type of base to another or adding a different carriage style to an existing base assembly. Some artists have multiple masts on large wall mounts. The possibilities are endless.

The movable carriage is designed to accommodate the artist whether sitting or standing. It allows the painting to be held vertically, tilted forward from the top, or conversely forward from the base  plus or minus 15 degrees or in any combination of the two. This gives greater comfort when painting and affords the artist a perspective corrected view of the canvas. 

The lateral, or side to side movement of the canvas is facilitated by rollers which support the carriage assembly and glide effortlessly across the top rail of the standard floor base or wall mount.

Paintings are secured on the carriage using the traditional lip or the serrated metal gripper which facilitates edge to edge painting.

The lower edge can be left in place or allowed to drop down by puling two pins. This shelf is designed to support large canvas. Although it can be used as a catch all for a brush or two and your coffee cup that is not it’s primary purpose. It is our contention that most artists prefer having their brushes and paints at a convent height and that is why we produce the Pallet Pal.

A little weight goes a long way.

But it has to be done right.  Losing control of a wet oil painting can be a disaster. Inferior gadgetry can fail in the blink of an eye and ruin a painting in a matter of seconds. Why take a chance? 

Our system has proven itself worthy.

Hughes Easels are very popular with artists, art museums and conservationists who must create, restore, repair, photograph or display  large art as additional weights maybe added to counter balance heavier paintings. This is a model 4000 in use. Now imagine what can be done with a 6000.

John Howard Sanden

The mast is balanced with internal weights which allow the carriage to float.  After placing the canvas in the easel and securing it with the clamps machined steel weights are added  until the canvas is counter balanced and the carriage once again floats and moves freely up and down. One must take care to lower the weights gently into place to preserve the integrity of ones fingers and prevent them from becoming excessively flat :) !

Storage is provided for unused weights at the rear of the base.

And there you have it! The finest design for an easel on the market today. Fully patented and recognized by artists across the country as being the finest product made for the serious amateur or professional artist.